Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023 CoRecruitment is seeking a Private/Personal Chef for a UHNWI client near Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. CoRecruitment offers its clients amazing benefits such as free food, free accommodation, free flights, free transportation to and from work, etc. However, this job posting states that you need at least two years of experience and more is even better. Read on to learn more about working as a private chef in the UAE with free visas and flights. For more information on working as a private chef in the UAE with free visas and flights, please visit: Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023


About Grill Chef Job:

Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023 The role of grill chef is essential in a restaurant or culinary establishment that specializes in grilling and grilling. As a grill chef, you are responsible for the preparation, preparation and presentation of grilled meat to a high quality standard. Your main responsibilities will include marinating and seasoning ingredients, operating and maintaining the grill, monitoring cooking times and temperatures, and ensuring every dish is cooked to perfection. Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023You should have a good knowledge of grilling techniques such as direct and indirect heating and be familiar with the various cuts of meat, fish and vegetables suitable for grilling. Creativity is important in this role as you can contribute to menu planning by inventing new and innovative grilled dishes. You have the opportunity to experiment with different flavor combinations and techniques to create appetizing and unique offerings for your customers. Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023 Also, as a grill chef, you must prioritize the organization, cleanliness and food safety of the kitchen. Adhering to good hygiene practices, complying with food safety regulations, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace are important aspects of the job. All in all, being a grill chef requires culinary knowledge, creativity, attention to detail and a passion for delivering delicious grilled food to please your customers. taste buds. Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Details of Grill Chef jobs in UAE with Free visa:

Job TitleGrill Chef
Company NamecoRecruiter
SalaryAED 15000 Per Year
Visa SponsorYes
Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023
Grill Chef Jobs in UAE with Free Visa 2023

Requirements of Grill Chef Jobs in Dubai:

  • Must have 2-5 years of experience in the high-end hospitality industry.
  • Should test candidates first.
  •  Must be legally permitted to work in the UAE.
  •  people already in the United Arab Emirates on tourist visas or canceled visas are required to take tests and prove they are fit to work before the company applies for a visa.


Benefits of Grill Chef Jobs in Dubai:

  • Free Visa sponsorship.
  • Competitive Salary: AED8,000-15,000 depending on experience.
  •  salary without taxes. rooms available near Jumeirah Beach with swimming pool and gym.
  •  free flights to and from your country once a year.
  •  No travel expenses to and from work.
  •  Free food.


Job Obligation of Grill Chef:

  • How to cook and season you can grill, stew or roast meat and vegetables.
  •  Grill dishes from the hotel menu (dishes that need to be grilled) and hot side dishes.
  •  Measure and mix the ingredients according to the recipes cooked.
  •  How to use an electric, gas or fire grill like a pro and cook meat and other dishes on it.
  •  Pieces of meat and vegetables are sliced, grated, sliced, marinated and skewered.
  •  Cleaning of the barbecue area.
  • Check inventory and report inventory.
  • Speak to the kitchen manager to ensure items are ordered and replenished on time and that there are no shortages slowing down the work.
  • Keep your workplace clean and tidy.
  • Follow all food safety and cleanliness rules.
  •  Directs and supervises administrators, trainees, kitchen helpers and other subordinate employees.


Why Grill Chef job is best job in Dubai?

Culinary Hub:

Dubai is known for its vibrant food scene with a wide range of restaurants and eateries offering different cuisines. As a grill chef, you have the opportunity to put your grilling skills to the test and become part of this lively food culture.

Highly Demanded:

Grilled foods, including grilled meats and steaks, are popular with locals and tourists alike in Dubai. The demand for qualified grill chefs is consistently high, resulting in good job security and career prospects.

International Exhibition:

Dubai attracts tourists and expats from all over the world.Working as a BBQ Chef in Dubai will allow you to interact with different cultures, experience international culinary trends and expand your culinary knowledge and skills.

Competitive Salary:

Dubai’s hospitality industry offers competitive salaries and benefits that reflect the city’s thriving hospitality sector. Grill chefs can expect good remuneration for their knowledge and experience.

 Career Opportunities:

Dubai is a hub for culinary innovation and entrepreneurship. As a grill chef, you have career opportunities whether you’re working at well-known restaurants, starting your own grill business, or exploring other culinary endeavors.

 Lifestyle and Culture:

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and cultural experiences. Working as a BBQ chef in Dubai allows you to spend your free time enjoying the city’s lively atmosphere, world-class entertainment and a variety of leisure activities.

Networking and learning opportunities:

Dubai’s culinary industry attracts renowned chefs and experts from around the world. Working with these professionals provides invaluable networking opportunities and a chance to learn from the best in the business.


Overall, the Grill Chef job in Dubai offers the benefits of being part of a culinary hub, high demand for skilled professionals, international exposure, a competitive salary, career opportunities, a luxurious lifestyle and the opportunity to network with industry professionals. These factors make it an attractive and rewarding career choice for aspiring BBQ chefs in Dubai.


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